Queen Bee Cabins and Cottages

 36221 Price R d  Logan, Ohio 43138


Maps and Directions

How do I get there?

We are located at 36221 Price Road in Logan, Ohio 43138.  Directions to Queen Bee Cabins & Cottages LLC are as follows:

Take US 33 to the SR 328 exit, which is the third Logan exit if traveling South on US 33 from Columbus.  At the top of the exit ramp, turn left traveling north on SR 328, passing over US 33 to the traffic light.  Go straight through light and wind your way past the school on the left.  The road is now renamed Maysville-Williams Road.  Wind your way north on Maysville-Williams Road for approximately 4 miles.  Near the 4 mile point, the road makes a sharp right hand turn.  After this, go straight onto Price Road.  Once on Price Road, our driveway is the first drive on the right, approximately 200 feet down the road and is indicated with a Queen Bee sign out front.  The exact address is 36221 Price Road.



For a printable pdf map, click here.


Hocking Hills Cabins and Cottages - Queen Bee Cabins & Cottages, LLC |    36221 Price Road |  Logan, OH   43138

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